BSides Ukraine Security Week

December, 7 - 12 Register

About Event

Dear friends, we invite you to BSides Security Week, which will take place from 7 to 12 December 2020 in online-format.

We understand that this year's restrictions will not allow us to spend time as we are used to on all previous BSides, but we are sure you will be satisfied with the new format! The conference will take a week.

Each day you will be able to listen to 2 reports online and communicate directly with the speakers: ask questions and troll them!

One day, instead of a report, there will be a section of professional debates on hot topics of cybersecurity. Which day? Find out later!

And most importantly: everything will be free!

Follow the announcements, book time in calendars and join us at BSides Security Week!


December, 7

19:00 How to grow fast in cybersecurity

Pavel Shabarkin

20:00 eBPF - vm inside the Linux kernel

Sergey Smitienko
December, 8

19:00 NLP and social engineering

Katerina Shchuka

20:00 Autonomous Attack and Defense

Alexander Adamov
December, 9

19:00 Domain Fronting As a Part Of Red Team Engagement

Bohdan Lukin (aka Mister_Bert0ni)

20:00 Digital front of military operations! What is it?!

December, 10

19:00 Pentest as a business and your path there. Growth or death?

Nazar Tymoshyk

20:00 Implementation of Role-Based Access Control in a Medium-Sized Financial Institution

Dimitri Chichlo
December, 11

19:00 CTF: What, When, Where, Why & How

Ivan Krakhmaliuk
December, 12

12:00 - 14:00 Round table with speakers


If you want to contribute to cybersecurity in Ukraine, you can become a sponsor of our event. You can see the terms of cooperation in the following file.